Structured Wiring

Structured Wiring is a standardized cabling system for home communications and technology wiring which includes voice, data, WiFi and video distribution.

American Security & AV Systems provides structured wiring systems to homes of every size. We are your home technology experts. We install structured wiring system and packages for over a hundred home builders and remodelers throughout Ohio each year.

When building a new home one of the most important decisions is making sure your new home is wired for technology! A professionally designed and installed structured wiring system creates a “connected home” with the ultimate flexibility for technology throughout your home. Allowing for connectivity and distribution of today’s communications and video services, while future proofing your home for future technologies too.

Home Networking

Wiring your home for a high speed computer network is a must with all of today’s network enabled devices. Our Cat5e, Gigabit Cat6 and Fiber Optic cabling options provides fast reliable connectivity for your computers, smart TV’s, gaming systems, printers, scanners and all other Ethernet enabled device.

American Security also offers Whole House WiFi solutions that connect to your homes computer network. Having powerful high speed wireless coverage for every part of your home is important for connecting today’s mobile devices. Our WiFi systems are strategically placed in-ceilings or walls of your home to provide ultra-high bandwidth coverage. We even offer outdoor WiFi systems to provide wireless coverage of the backyard, pool and the kid’s tree house too.  

High Definition Video

Wiring your home for High Definition cable TV and satellite services has become todays standard. The use of HDMI connections has allowed us to view our favorite movies, pictures and media content in stunning 1080p, 3D and 4K. American Security prepares your home with High Definition Coax Cables and In-wall HDMI cable options.

Wall mounted TV’s…  No problem all of our video cabling can be concealed inside the walls, putting an end to unsightly cords hanging from Televisions.

We can even distribute your HDMI video sources to every TV in the home. Imagine starting a new movie on your Apple TV or Netflix in the Great Room and having the ability to finish the movie in the Master Bedroom. Or how about playing the kids Blu-ray disc and being able to watch in both the playroom and kitchen at the same time. American Security makes it all possible.