Computer Networks

Business Cabling Solutions

American Security & AV Systems provides complete computer networking and telecommunications wiring for your business. We design technology wiring solutions which include voice, data, WiFi and video distribution for businesses of every size. Whether you have a small office, multistory office, hospital, corporate headquarters or industrial manufacturing plant, we are your cabling and technology experts.

Computer Networking

Wiring your building for a high speed computer network is a must with today’s network enabled devices. Our Cat5e, Gigabit Cat6 and Fiber Optic cabling options provides fast reliable connectivity for your computers, servers, printers, copiers, scanners and all other Ethernet enabled device.

American Security also offers building WiFi solutions that connect to your computer network. Having powerful high speed wireless coverage for every part of your building is important for connecting today’s mobile devices. Our WiFi systems are strategically placed in-ceilings or walls of your building to provide ultra-high bandwidth coverage. We even offer outdoor WiFi systems to provide outdoor wireless coverage.  

High Definition Video

Wiring your business for High Definition cable TV and satellite services has become a necessity for boardrooms, conference rooms and digital signage. The use of HDMI connections has allowed for simple viewing of corporate presentations, video conferencing and media content in full 1080p High Definition. American Security prepares your business with High Definition Coax Cables and In-wall HDMI cable options.

Wall mounted TV’s…  No problem all of our video cabling can be concealed inside the walls, putting an end to unsightly cords hanging from Televisions.

We can even distribute your HDMI video sources to every TV in the business and create digital signage so important information can be displayed where needed. Imagine displaying company videos, messages, specials or other information to employees and/or customers all from your computer. American Security makes it all possible.