Business Security Alarms

Integrated Security Solutions

Protecting your business, building and employees is your priority and our specialty. American Security has extensive experience in delivering integrated security solutions for loss prevention to the commercial, industrial and government sectors and we are dedicated to being the premier local system integration provider.

American Security provides the highest quality customized integrated security systems for Intrusion Alarms, Video Surveillance, Access Control and Fire Alarms throughout Ohio.

We only use the very best security and fire alarm equipment. Our highly trained staff will perform a comprehensive security risk analysis of your business, develop a custom solution that is a perfect fit for you, your business, and your budget. Your new system is then installed by an American Security certified installation technician.

Understanding nothing deters thieves and intruders better than a well-designed security system from American Security is extremely important.  American Security provides the highest quality security systems for businesses throughout the state of Ohio.

American Security provides you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year Burglary, Fire, Medical and Environmental alarm monitoring protection. Our U.L. Certified Alarm Monitoring Center ensures to provide you with fast response. When an alarm is activated from your house, fast response time is essential. You are quickly notified by one of our trained central station operators who also dispatch your local authorities.  

 Burglary Protection

From detecting of opening doors and windows to motion sensors, glass break sensors, vibration sensors,  pressure sensors and safe sensors we have a customized solution to monitor and protect virtually everything in and around hour home.

 Carbon Monoxide Protection

Carbon monoxide (CO) can be impossible to detect without a warning device. Make your home a safe place with our monitored Carbon Monoxide sensors

 Temperature Protection

Freezing temperatures can create severe damage. Protect your home from freezing pipes and other areas in your home, garage, barn or pool house where low-temperatures can create damage. Our monitored low-temperature sensors and are a great solution to help prevent damage.

 Flood Protection

Protect your home from flood by detecting leaking hot water tanks, boilers, washing machines and failed sump-pumps or any other area where you need to know if water is leaking. Our monitored flood sensors are a great solution to help prevent damage.